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SCPD Pistol Bureau Lawsuit

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I read the County’s rebuttle, and it seems fairly strong, but also dances around the threat of arrest during training and disqualifies some key points with technicalities.

Mr. Melloni’s site with Legal info / Docs

I thought I should help out and put in my own “two cents”.

So I just did. ( For a second time )

And now also sharing with You.

You decide on your own.

GoFundMe for the Lawsuit

Thanks for reading.
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I find it absolutely incomprehensible that law enforcement and their legal bureaus apparently have not read the CCIA. The CCIA specifically amended the NY Penal Law to exempt unlicensed individuals undergoing live-fire training under the supervision of a duly licensed instructor. The attached PDF has three sections: (1) the top section is the actual language in the CCIA; (2) The middle section is the opening paragraph to Section 265.20 which lists the exemptions to criminal possession of a weapon; (3) the bottom portion is paragraph 3-a which was added to Section 3 of PL 265.20. I have also attached the full CCIA.

PeconicPaladin is absolutely correct, the law allows live-fire training for an unlicensed individual as long as the person is supervised by a duly authorized instructor such as NRA Instructors or Officers of the Armed Forces (active and retired).


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There is nothing confusing about it. The legislature during the drafting and passing of the CCIA specifically added an exemption to the law in order to allow individuals without a pistol license to be able to train and shoot a pistol under the supervision of a duly licensed instructor. In fact the exemption applies to any training under the supervision of a duly licensed instructor and does not have to be related to the 16+2 CCW required course.

I agree that it is not easy reading but if you spend the time it is incredibly clear and it is also clear that the above was the legislature’s intent otherwise they would have not added the section under the EXEMPTIONS section.

Thanks for saving me from watching
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