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SCPD Pistol Bureau Lawsuit

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I read the County’s rebuttle, and it seems fairly strong, but also dances around the threat of arrest during training and disqualifies some key points with technicalities.

Mr. Melloni’s site with Legal info / Docs

I thought I should help out and put in my own “two cents”.

So I just did. ( For a second time )

And now also sharing with You.

You decide on your own.

GoFundMe for the Lawsuit

Thanks for reading.
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Did someone post the docket number for this case? I'm at work and didn't see it.
What case? We were considering/evaluating the validity of what a SCPD official claimed was an arrest, for violating CCIA's restricted and sensitive places list. State police claim no such arrests, per notphilivey's posted hot link, above.
I thought this was the thread for a lawsuit filed against SCPD.
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