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Scopes under 200$

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At this time I cant buy the one I want so what do you guys suggest for 200 or less? Something good for min of 100yrds.
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I don't have one yet, but my next scope will be a Redfield. They are US made, and are owned by Leupold.

Another decent one in that range is a Nikon ProStaff. They can be had for very good prices if you catch them on sale. Got a 3-9x40 at Dick's Sporting Goods last year for $120.
Nikon prostaff 3x9, around 150 or less shipped.
I have a Mueller Optics 4.5-14x40mm AO on my .22. The clarity & brightness is pretty good for lower end glass, blows away the cheap simmons & tasco products I have..
Free shipping too.. http://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Mueller_APT_4_5_14x40AO_Sunshade_w_Mil_Dot_Reticl_p/mt451440.htm
The Nikon recommended is very, very nice. Watch Dick's Sporting goods, they run a sale on them every now & then..

I have this on one of my ARs. It's cheap - has tactical knobs, illuminated reticle and holds zero good. I get great groups at 100 yards with it.
Whoops. Sorry. The ProStaff was on sale for $100 last May.
Prostaff or bushnell trophy xlt.....both great. If u can find a nikko targetmaster is go with that....great scope
I have the Mueller APT (4.5-14 AO) as well and I couldn't be happier.  Mine's mounted on one of my Savage .22's.  You didn't say what caliber rifle you're mounting it on or what you intend to use it for.  I also have a 6-18x barska on a Marlin 25a? in .22 mag, a 4-12x simmons pro hunter on a glenfield 60 and a tasco and bsa collecting dust.  IMO, the Mueller is waaaay better than the others.  Well worth $129 shipped.  I think pretty much anything will work for punching paper as long as it holds zero.  I would go for something with higher magnification if that's all it'll be used for.  If it's for hunting that's a different story.
I've got a Bushnell Elite 3200 that I'm pretty happy with.
vmtcmt said:
Whoops. Sorry. The ProStaff was on sale for $100 last May.
that was a steal. Wish I had bought 2 :-/
Midway has some scopes on sale til the end of the month. Could be worth a look.
Leupold Rifleman @ cabela's $209 free shipping.
What rifle/caliber are you shooting?

I have a leapers Accushot T-168 (no longer made)
have had it for a while and I am very happy with it.
This is similar

Nikon has great glass as well as bushnell
Dwaller said:
^^ AR15 223/5.56
Might I add it's going on a carry handle ar15. It's difficult to recommend optics when you don't know kind of rifle it's going on. Forget all previous recommendations and Let's start from scratch now ;)
The sportsmans Guide has scopes for a decent price all the time.
BSA scopes are usually excellent for the money.
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