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scope recommendations

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Hey guys, im starting to notice that my tasco (yeah i know!) 3x-9x-32 or 40 scope is not enough on my savage mk2. i mean i know its a 22, but it doesnt zoom in enough for a good field of view on the targets. i'm looking for scope recommendations that wont cost me an arm and a leg, and keep in mind this gun was 200 bucks...haha.

Thats gun one! i also have a 10/22 now, and I'm like to put some sort of optics on that. i was thinking a red dot sight? any ideas or suggestions on that front? Again, its a 200 dollar rifle, not looking to put nikon or better scopes on it, haha.

Thanks for all the information in advance!

EDIT: Also, I was wondering what everyone's preferred way to sight in new sights was. I was thinking about picking up a bore-sight. Any comments or recommendations? THANKS!
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That is partly because the Savage Mark II is a tack driver and you can't take full advantage of it with the Tasco.

It would be like putting regular gas in a Ferrari.

The least expensive scope that I have on any of my Mark II's is a Mueller APV. The APV works well. I also have a Bushnell 3200 Elite on another Mark II. Whatever scope you choose, remember to look for an adjustable objective.

Forget a bore sight device. Pull out the bolt, look downrange at a brightly colored target and make your scope match what you see down the bore. Then fine tune from there.
Ok, what if its a semi automatic, how could i do the same? Also, I have another question, when I put the tasco on, I literally had to move the scope like 60 clicks to the right, and like 20-30 up, I dont think it's supposed to be THAT bad right? I wonder if I did something wrong.
Smitherines said:
Ok, what if its a semi automatic, how could i do the same?
With a semi auto, your talking about trial and error or bore sighting.

Most good ranges will do it for you for a reasonable fee. I know that Brookhaven does.
Hmm, what about my adjusting concern in my last post? They usually don't have to be adjusted that much from the factory, right?
usually not, but I guess its possible...was the scope new and already in the centered position "click wise"?...wouldn't waste $'s on bore sight for a 22...just start real close to the target if its an auto
phumb said:
usually not, but I guess its possible...was the scope new and already in the centered position "click wise"?...wouldn't waste $'s on bore sight for a 22...just start real close to the target if its an auto
Yeah it was centered. Is it possible I have the weaver mounts too tight or there is something wrong with the rail?

Also what is some of the better options I have for the ruger 10/22? Is a red dot a good choice or is there something else that would be more beneficial?
anything is possible...hard tellin' not knowin' :X while I like red dots, I have a few..they have thier place...for target shooting 22's, it wouldn't be my choice...also, on a 200 dollar gun, its not unreasonable to spend 200 on a scope.
A firend of mine had a similar windage problem. It's not common, but it does happen, usually because of the mount or the rings. In my friends case, it was the mount. He resolved it by using millet rings with windage adjustments. They were a pain to mount perfectly, but he was able to zero the scope without even useing the knobs.

As for what optic is good for a 10/22, it's really a matter of function. A red dot if good if you want to shoot short range, indoor, on the move, at night, etc... If you're benching it in the middle of the day, a good scope is what you want. As a general rule of thumb, the optics I use cost between %50-80 of what the gun costs. I use a nikon 4x30(40?) rimfire scope on my 10/22. It only costs me 100, and since I limit my 10/22 to 50 yards, 4x is more than enough.
Ok, so I'm getting ready to make the purchase for a new scope, I'm using Weaver branded scope mounts, and I think Weaver rails for my Savage Mk2, is there anything better, or are they fine? I was looking at this scope for the added range...what do you think? I hear a lot of good about Mueller.


The Tasco thats on the Savage now, I will put on the Ruger 10/22. Now I need to also start considering optics for the AR!!!
I have the previous version of this BSA Sweet series scope in .17 on my Savage 93R17. It's not the best scope, but for the price, it's decent, and does the job just fine. The new ones are side focusing AO, mine adjusts on the objective lens bezel. It's pretty clear until you get up to the highest magnification settings, then it gets a tiny bit dim and lacks sharpness. You can see just fine at 100+ yards, it's just not crystal clear, but it's good enough for me to get .6" groups at 100yds off a bipod. I imagine the newer ones might be better, I was thinking of getting the 3-9x version and a MkII, so I could have something that was easy to adjust elevation for various ranges.

Which model Weaver mounts are you using? I have the cheap quad lock ones on my 93R17 (Weaver extra high) and my 64 (.22 tip-off). They hold the scope nice and tight and I have had no trouble with them there, the .22 tip-off kept sliding forward on the dovetail because the tiny screws were too small to tighten enough, so I drilled and retapped them for 4mm screws that go through the entire base, they seem nice and tight now. Obviously with a Weaver mount on the 10/22, you won't have that sliding problem, on my .17 they stay tight and zeroed. The scope on the 64 is a Tasco 3-9x40 that I've had for years, holds zero just fine and has been really good for a $30 scope. It might be your mounts, or the scope could possibly be tweaked a bit? Maybe it's just a bad one that slipped through QC. See what it does on the other gun, check you're mounts on the MkII to be sure they're set and aligned right.

As for sighting in, I just aim at the 50yd and see where the holes appear. If it's so far off that I'm not even hitting the target, I'll shoot at the berm behind the targets to get an idea of where the rounds are hitting, and go from there. Usually I'm pretty close to begin with, trying to line up irons or the bore with the crosshairs can help. There are universal laser boresighters you can get for like $30 that you stick in the muzzle and then dial in the scope to match, to get you started on zeroing.
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does anyone have any experience with VORTEX scopes? i was looking at their website, and they had what appeared to be be a wide range of optics at reasonable prices. i usually get a heart palpitations when i see the prices on most famous name optics. i'm wondering, how do vortex scopes stack up.

also, is a 40mm objective overkill on a .22 rifle? i'll be specific. i am looking to mount a scope on a ruger sr-22. i will be using the gun for non-competitive range shooting. of course i would like it to be accurate, but i am not about to break the bank on a scope for a gun that i really just want to have fun with. i'm already gonna drop almost $100 on the mount, i would like to keep the scope in the $300 range. suggestions would be great, and any info on the VORTEX brand would be appreciated as well.
I have a bushnell .22 Rimfire scope, just like the name says, specifically designed for the .22, so you know you can't go wrong. Pretty much the best $40 spent on amazon.
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