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Scope Keeps edging back

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Rifle: Marlin 795
Scope: Bushnell 3-9x Rimfire edition

No matter how tight i make the clamps on the dovetail, less then 10 rounds and it is creeping backwards. Now I have read, oh, use locktite, but when I got to loosen the scope, its still very tight, doesn't seem like its loose, just sliding.

I was thinking maybe of scoring the dovetail with some kind of grove or putting another ring clamp on it somehow to prevent movement. Ideas?
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Same thing on my Savage, I drilled and tapped the ring mounts to fit the widest screw that would fit, and selected a bolt of a length that fit perfectly the width of the ring mount. Then I tightened it down really tight. It helped, but after about 500 or 600 rounds at the Appleseed it finally began creeping forward again. I tried drawing a tool down the dovetail and stopping just before the end of the dovetail to create a bit of a ridge for the clamp to catch on, and tightened the mounts really tight, but haven't shot it since then. I'm thinking that if it persists, I'll either drill and tap the receiver and put in a screw to stop the mounts from creeping forward, or I'll get those Weaver mounts that fasten to a dovetail, and put a set screw in them with a detente drilled into the receiver for the set screw to hold in.
just a thought some marlins had differnt width grooves cut in them
Just a thought: are you sure you have dovetail rings, not Weaver or Picatinny type? Had a friend who had a similar problem w/a red dot he tried to put on a .22

Some reviews on Opticsplanet.com have mentioned problems with the rings. I know the 795 has a narrow dovetail.

Bought these rings from Sprotsmans Guide for $10+S/H. They have a downward setscrew on one ring that adds some stability.

Hope this helps
I have the Bushnell rimfire scope that comes with what appears to be decent rings, made for a dovetail type mount. The 795 does have the dovetail.

Now from my automotive days I can think of quite a few ways to solve this problem, (light epoxy to made a ridge, small screw into the top of the dovetail, etc.

My concern is what exactly is under the dovetail, can i drill into that? Anyone come up with some interesting fixes, I want to get this done....for good.
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