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Scope base question - Rem 700

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Getting ready to mount optics. Rem 700.
Anyone have experience with one piece (rail), or 2 piece bases and which do you prefer.
I'm leaning toward the 2 piece bases as there is less in the way.
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I like the 2 piece bases as well.

You have 2 basic types.
1- The weaver style.
2- the Redfield/Leopold style.

Years ago, I heard that the Redfield/Leopold style were better than the Weavers, but today, with far better tolerances and metallurgy, you can't go wrong with either.

Sorry if I gave you more information than you asked for.
one piece units have no misalignment issues but with today's pieces weaver or picitiny mounts and your good to go . also the rings have to be strong do not scrimp on them . get yellow locktight
10-4 on the loctite.
I'm looking at the Leupold bases, but have not selected yet. Was going to pick them up over the weekend and have a project for fathers day.
Going for the 2 piece.
Thanks to both of you.
I have a one piece GG&G unit on mine, makes loading a little more difficult, but you are not burning through hundreds of rounds in a sitting either.  GG&G makes a great product and I have been happy with it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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