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LGS here in Western Washington State has a S&W 9mm 99 OL for sale for $345 (I may be able to knock $25 or so off the price). Gun looks unused, 2 mags and plastic case. Feels good in my hand and the trigger is acceptable.

I've read what I can find on it, searched a bit here and there, and everything says it's not a bad gun.

It will be my first "plastic" pistol, as I've got a bunch of Smith 39's and 59's a couple of Berettas plus a half dozen Smith revolvers.

Anyone have experience with these? I gather they are the S&W version of the Walther P99QA (Walther frame and Smith slide).

How's the price look? I checked gunbroker completed sales and it looks okay (considering I'd need to add shipping, FFL fee, and state tax), but I'd love to hear what folks here think the going rate for these is.

If anyone can offer an opinion, I'll be grateful.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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