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S-4868A amended

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S-4868A, Requires owners of firearms to obtain liability insurance, has been amended and resubmitted to Finance.
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do Cops have to the Policy as well??????????????
A little unclear. Says everybody, but exempts police, but isn't clear if it only applies to duty weapons.
Cops are indemnified by their agency. I'm sure any good union would have any insurance costs become the responsibility of the department.
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Legislative session is 2019-2020.
Academic bill. Not going anywhere.

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I should probably have an umbrella policy anyway. Applied some years back but one of my sons who was then living here had had an accident within 3 or 5 years and prohibited me from applying.
I would love N.Y. to have ccw liability. It’s much better than if they tried to ban all insurance.
... and, its been reintroduced again for 2023. S4868 is now S6033 - NY State Senate Bill S6033
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