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S-4818, 10 day waiting period, to 3rd reading

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S-4818, Establishes a 10 day waiting period for the purchase of any firearm, has been ordered to 3rd Reading. Companion A-5696.
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Do these folks don’t know we already have waiting period of sorts since you can’t take possession of a handgun until after you add it to your pistol permit…….
whats the odds of this one sticking might have to get one more before hand lol
If an individual already owns firearms; what good could this law possibly do? For a first-time gun buyer you could make an argument for such legislation but not for a gunowner.
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Lets not try to understand the reasoning for this beyond the fact that anything THEY can do to BUST OUR balls THEY will do.
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2 year wait isn't long enough that now they have to ad 10 more days
Ha. 10 day waiting period? If I ever buy something when that is in play, I will only leave a deposit for the purchase and not pay until I can take it home. Gun shop won't like that, but too bad. Then no sale.
Sporting goods businesses (small businesses that are hurt the most) need to start putting pressure on the powers that be and push the fact they are going after the wrong people. Yeah yeah yeah, I know, the "Powers That Be" don't give a sh!t and just keep doing what they want and what they think makes anti-2A people happy.
S-4818 passed the Senate.
soo this is pretty much a sure thing then good i just bought 3 pistols this year im good
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