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S-1701 on Codes agenda

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S-1701, Requires persons possessing any firearm to hold a firearms safety certificate, is on the Senate Codes agenda for Monday, March 13 @ 10:30am.
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This guy Gianaris must have a dozen staffers whose sole job is to propose things to make gun owners lives miserable. I've noticed his name as a sponsor on a few of these type things. It must be his 'specialty'.
Well if the point is to get all Sportsmens permits, I think that will convince many to go for CCW. I believe that a substantial number of those didn't go for CCW because of the costs and time for training. If they are forced into this, they might as well go the CCW route . So, the time for amendments will probably go to over a year (at least in Suffolk) and there will be MORE people carrying guns...which is exactly what they DONT wan't. In the rush to get all of these laws out, they never think of the unintended consequences ...geniuses.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts