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S-1701 on Codes agenda

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S-1701, Requires persons possessing any firearm to hold a firearms safety certificate, is on the Senate Codes agenda for Monday, March 13 @ 10:30am.
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As stupid as this bill is and as much as i do not put anything passed these shit heads. I do not think this will pass dude to undermining kathy the beavers ccia training requirements.
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It does not undermine it - It would be in addition to and not clear if CCW holders would have to take it ( I read no exclusion) - but every Sportsman Permit holder would be subject to it.
well lets just hope it falls apart thats really all we can do
I really like to think so but I’m concerned they might punt under pressure and let the 2nd Ckt ruling stand for years. They (Robert’s) might not want his court to be known as the court that “let the crazy New Yorkers” loose with guns.
I really hope I’m wrong.
he already gave us the right to carry and it will be backed up. Also if is did not work out on the 20th it would be back at scotus in a month they already said don't hesitate to come back.
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