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Russian optics help

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A while back on here I remember someone (I think m1lk as it was one of our resident AK guys) posted about a relative saying inexpensive optics are crap as he had recently purchased a Trijicon ACOG. The op went on to show an optic described as "the Russian counterpart at 1/3 the price". If anyone could help clarify what I'm talking about and maybe where I could order one, I'd greatly appreciate it. As always, thanks in advance for checking out the post and chiming in!
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Don't remember the conversion, but it may have been a Rakurs or Obzor. I think they are the top of the line from Russia.
I still can't find the thread, but I'll keep digging. Thanks for the site and company names, maybe I should sift through those...
You thinking this thread?

Don't see any mention of Russian optics, though. :-/
Crap that was the conversation I was talking about, but I could swear I remember someone posting pictures further down in the comments of a Russian counterpart... Maybe I mixed up 2 threads? LOL now I'm more confused! Thanks for finding the post though, +1 for you vmtcmt!
This sight seems to be pretty in depth on these types of optics...


@CharlieHotel IIRC the sight was more streamlined taking on an almost reflex sight look. I also can't remember where the original thread is, so clearly my recollection is lacking =P I do however have a new piece of glass to consider LOL!
1p63 obzor, sunlight illuminated reticle that changes according to amount of daylight. sits high, so if youre a fan of cheekweld iron cowitness, forget it. calibrated especially for 5.45x39 bullet drop. built solid.

and yeah, that was my uncle, who after saying that couldnt dial in his lwrc + acog combo to hit paper and was starting to consider selling it and getting a $500 leopold, until i had country gunsmith zero to 100 and mount properly. while my 104 with $200 1x pk-a dot can hit a palm-sized target at 100 consistently, and was zeroed in with the help of the RO telling me to shoot pieces of garbage on the hill. the pk-a is built solid too, just hard to see that tiny dot sometimes on a really bright day.

anyways, yeah, more $$$ is not always better. and honestly, i like having the optic mount offset left and a little high, opens up my irons, and gives my face a rest while still being able to hit well
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