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How's this look?

The Ruger Single-Ten Single Action Revolver
By: Patrick Hannan

I recently received an email from Ruger announcing the new Single-Ten and went over to their site to check it out. I was impressed with the factory installed Williams sites and thought a "Cowboy" gun that can hold 10 shots of .22 was something I needed to own. I made the call to my LGS and the gun arrived a few days later. The fact that a brand new gun from Ruger was available with no waiting list was surprising considering the hassle I got on the last few I bought.

The gun is made up of full stainless steel with a flawless satin finish. The gun is only currently available in a 5.50" barrel, but I'm sure Ruger will offer other options in the future. It's a single action design and the non-fluted cylinder is removable for loading and cleaning if needed. The gun comes with factory installed Williams™ Adjustable Fiber Optic sites that are fully adjustable and do an excellent job of picking up light even in low light situations. The grips are smooth walnut "Gunfighter"-style grips, but are a bit on the small side for my taste.

I took it down to my local range with a few boxes of ammo. The gun has a nice smooth trigger, but is a little heavy for a target .22. Loading a single action gun can be tedious, but I found that I was able to load 2 bullets at one time. Each rotation of the cylinder causes a distinctive click which lines the ejector rod up perfectly with each chamber of the cylinder. The ejector rod is long enough to eject the shells and is greatly improved over any of the other Ruger single action revolvers I own.

I shot it at varying distances up to 25 yards and was impressed with the accuracy of the gun. I'm sure once the gun gets some use and I reduce the trigger pull the accuracy of the gun will far exceed my abilities. I really liked the extra 4 shots which allowed more shooting time and less reloading time. The .22 LR is one of the few guns you can still afford to go out and shoot a few hundred rounds. I've heard rumors that they may release a .22 magnum cylinder for the Single-Ten, but nothing is confirmed.

This is one gun that will remain with me until death and the Ruger fit and finish is excellent. Ruger has a retail of $619.00 on this gun, but can't be bought for much less locally. If you're looking for a classic looking revolver with a beautiful finish, but have some modern touches, then this is the gun for you.

See you at the range!
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