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Wondering if any of you have the LCP Max and can comment on:
-do you like it

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One more thing-- for those of you looking for Sig P938 Magazines the Springfield Armory 911 magazines are exactly the same and 1/2 the price ($26.99 at the Springfield Armory website). I tested them yesterday and they functioned flawlessly.

Here is a stretch, I just purchased a Kimber micro 9 and had nothing but problems with the Kimber magazines. I purchased a Sig 938 magazine and with some very small modifications to the plastic pinky rest it fits perfectly and had no issues. The Springfield 911 9mm looks identical to the Sig. Wonder if it fits the Kimber??
I went yesterday to my LGS to put a LCP Max in my hand. After reading all the issues this model is having and feeling the trigger I have decided to keep looking. The LCP 2 had a better trigger, for some reason I think they are the same but it felt different. If anything I'm considering the LCP2 (leftover in .380). Looking into the Kahn CW380 or the Glock G42.
I just came across these used from Summit. Not a bad deal for $180.
Great deal, I had one in the past and sold it. My bad
I would recommend the Kahr P380, I watched Hickok45 do a review. I purchased the Black Diamond model with Trijicon night sights. Very accurate and reliable using the XTP ammunition.
I was looking at a P380 just cant find anybody on LI that has anything in stock, especially Kahr's. I would like to out it in my hand first.
same here, all the local dealers have a sour taste with kahr…they got tired returning the guns to the manufacturers according to them….yet they get great reviews online
Those exact words came out of the mouth of the owner of my LGS yesterday. So I went back with intent to purchase the LCP2 and after a lot of back and fourth I decided on the Glock 42. It feels Better in my hand and the trigger is so much better than the LCP max and LCP 2. Let’s hope Glock worked out the bugs out of the gen 4.
I agree with the feel and trigger being better on the Glock. However, I had thre downsides with mine:

--it jammed A LOT.
--could never get a comfortable grip that would also allow for the last round hold open
--for its size and price, it should hold at least 10 rounds like the LCP Max.
so far about 150 rounds and zero issues. It’s a bit of a handful for us big guys with big meat hooks. Thanks for everyone’s input.
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I find if I put my pinky under the grip (unless you have a pinky extension), and the weak hand thumb against the takedown indentation. It helps stop the gun from leveraging under recoil
Thanks I will give it a try later today. I already ordered the pinky extension.
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