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Ruger Customer Service A+ in my book..

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Woman lost a Ruger .22 Single six, and sons recovered it 8 years later. Sent in to Ruger for just new grips, they overhauled the entire gun, Gratis!
The sale is important, but customer service earns a customer..

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Wow. I feel like going home and coddling a ruger..
Next to glock I'd have to say ruger deff has the best customer service. I own 4 kimbers love the gun hate there customer service for that alone I will never buy another kimber.
That aint nothin, I had a MK11 that I wore out, The extractor, which I had replaced 3 times, Actually wore into the chamber threw the recess in the barrel where it goes foward of the case rim. I called them to inquire about a new barrel telling them I had shot at least 1 box of Federal 550 pack per week for 7 years. Just wanting to purchase a new barrel, I sent them a few fired cases along with the pistol as requested, They sent me back a new MK111 FREE.  I thought that couldnt be topped.  I had a mini-14 that was 25 years old, I shot the snot out of it over the years then passed it on to my Daughter who shot it a bunch more, While cleaning it I observed a small crack in the reciever.  Once again contacted Ruger looking to purchase and have them replace it, Sending it to them for an estimate,They sent me back a NEW mini-14, oh yea, FREE. Talk about customer service. My last two new handguns were an Ruger LCP and a Ruger New Vaquero, and my next purchase is going to be a Ruger Blackhawk in .44 I do have a few S&W, Colt and Dan WEsson handguns but Ruger has a loyal customer for life here.
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I agree. I had a challenge with one of my firearms and they are top notch.
WOW!! It looks like the ejector is missing and a lot of rust on the front site, but I don't see any rust on the barrel, frame or cylinder. That's some serious-ass stainless.
My own son picked up a stainless mini14 this year for his birthday this year. 2-3rd time shooting it, he fires off 6-8 rounds, rear sight pops the screw heads off. Sends it in to Ruger, they declare it a total loss, & ship him back another new mini14, plus re-reimbursement for shipping charges.
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