Up for sale is a still new in the box Saiga AK47 7.62x39 Rifle. A genuine Russian IZHMASH factory built Kalashnikov. These were imported into the United States in a compliant hunting configuration. No folding stock and no pistol grip still compliant in all the states such as California, NY, Mass etc.

Obama banned these as part of sanctions on all Russian goods during the first invasion of Ukraine in 2014. We will never see genuine Russian AK's imported ever again like these.

I have one that I do shoot. This one is or should end up in a collection as the box, rifle, and accessories are in perfect condition and can't get myself to use it, detracting from the value.

Along with the rifle are five new in the package 10 round factory IZHMASH magazines as they are specific to this rifle for compliance. They are extremely hard to find and are $50 plus each if you can find them as apposed to the SGM made in the U.S. alternate mags.

Included is a 700 round spam can of Barnaul non-corrosive 7.62x39 123 grain lacquer coated FMJ ammo.

If your a collector this is looking for that new home.....

$2500 REDUCED $1950 I'll pay transfer.