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Red Dot Sights

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Has anyone ever tried using Red dot sights for skeet shooting? I've been looking into these sights for awhile now but don't know if its worth it for skeet or will even work well in that type of game. I also do target shooting and I know it won't hurt in that. Well let me know what you all think. Thanks.
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It would seem to me that targeting in on a skeet with a red dot would be kinda tough. Ive never tried it though
I've got a magnetic front sight that simply rides on the top rib of my 28 Ga. Beretta right against the front bead. Two little plastic light gathering pieces. One is green and the other is red. I've tried both colors for Sporting Clays, as well as live bird hunting. I found that, for early season hunting, I liked the orange one better. But, on the Clays course, I never noticed a difference between the two colors. I do think the set-up aids in a quicker sight aquisition though.

I think Tru-Glo made them, and they were about $20.00. I'm thinking about getting another set for a different gun with a wider rib.

I hope this helps you out. If you need me to post pics, let me know.

Edit ... you and I may be talking about something completely different. Oops.
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