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Red Dot MOA???

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Looking to get a Burris FastFire III Red Dot Reflex Sight however I see they come in different MOA. Can anyone briefly explain the pros/cons or differences of 3, 4 or 8 MOA? Is it the size of the red dot and how that relates to distance on target?

It wont be used for long range paper shooting, perhaps 10yds to 40 plate shooting on property upstate.

BTW, I know Google is my friend but I would like to see what fellow LIFers say...

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Yes it's probably referencing the size of the red-dot...
It's the size of the dot I prefer smaller dots. 3" @100 yards isn't such a bad thing. 8" @100 is pretty darn big.
Never heard of an 8 moa thats a little large stick with 2 and 3.  check out the aimpoint pro I have for sale it has a 2 moa and 3-4 yeah battery life with a lithium battery.
I had a 4moa ml2 on my saiga it was a little big for me, I switched to a 2moa ml2 2x. I like it alot better. I often shoot at the 50 and 100 yard. My gun groups about 2"-3" groups @100 so the 4moa was just too big. I tried the the 4moa out on my 12ga, it worked much better on my shotgun for me.
I plan on sitting it on my 5x36 sight for CQ and not planning to use it beyond 50 yards. Still too big?
I have no experience with the Burris fast fire.. But here's some observations with the optics I have with different reticules.

Aimpoint T-1 (4moa) -- very effective at 75yds and under. Large enough to be seen rather quickly when brought to bear. Great for carbine classes and competition with targets under 75yds. At 100 yds outdoors, at the "8" setting, it's bright enough to sight in on a white target and still avoid bloom of the reticule. At 100 and above though, the dot becomes fairly obstructive and covers most target boxes that are 4-6 inches diameter.

Aimpoint T-1 (2moa) -- very similar. I don't actually notice much of a difference under 75yds. The only time I notice is on a non contrasting background (large white area). It does make it easier to aim at targets outside the 75yd range. Im able to pull off 2-3moa at Calverton 100yd with grip pod. At the 200yd it covers up a decent chunk of the target.

EOTech EXPS3-0/EOTech 552 (1 MOA center dot, 65moa ring) -- by far my favorite reticule. Makes snap shots up to 100yd VERY quick. I was able to pull off 1-2 MOA with the SCAR at 100 with consistency. 1 MOA dot works well beyond 100. Great reticule at the cost of a heavier optic and less batt life.

Trijicon RMR (8moa) -- I had this optic for a while when i was considering a FN pistol. I tried mounting it on a riser and used it with an AR. Pretty effective at 25 yds. Makes target acquisition fast at Mitchell field distance. Pretty difficult at 50-100yds. I had some trouble sighting it in because the dot was larger than the target. Better left to pistols or CQB backup sights.

You didn't mention what kind of gun it's to be mounted on. If its a carbine I'd stick with the smallest MOA you can get. You will eventually get consistent with bringing it to bear and that dot isn't hard to find. If its a pistol or some kind of pistol caliber carbine. You can definately go bigger and shave some milliseconds off sighting in your target
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Yeah, forgot that... It's for an AR15 and primarily QCB but perhaps occasionally for fun hitting paper to test myself.
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