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Red dot for handguns

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Does any one have a preferred red dot for handguns.  How hard are they to mount and use?
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What gun and why?
For my competition .22 LR pistol (NRA bulleye shooting), I have a red dot scope mounted on top (rail is built in to the slide and barrel).

You can get a red dot that is attached to the rear sight, but I think it is very limited to few type of firearms.

Also, you can mount by getting frame mounted or slide mounted version. Some of them may need gunsmithing, but for Glocks, it is as easy as tapping out the existing pins and installing the mount.
sounds like the S&W 41 or Beratta 87 target, I have a 30mm tru-glo on my 87 being a little older(and wiser) the dot is easier to sight on then the iron sights.  NRA pistol not being a real speed race the hard part is first finding the dot, not a problem there and getting used to it moving with you more, once you have practiced it is alot easier. I personnlly can not use both eyes open, just can't focus right.
"Red dot for handguns"

I thought this was a powder thread.
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