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Recommend a Scope Mount

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What do you guys recommend for a decent scope mount for an AR that is to be used for "long range" shooting.

The scope will either have a 1" inner tube with 40mm rectical
a 30mm inner tube with 50mm rectical

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Anything else?  8)
PandM said:

I have one on my flat top and like it.
+1 for Larue stuff
arms #22 throw level rings; perhaps?
I have said Larue mount. The LT 140 is pretty much the gold standard for picatinny scope mounts. It is build like a tank. You can buy a 30mm mount and get 30mm to 1in inserts to size down the rings if you want to keep your scope options open. The mount is expensive. I think it should work with a 50mm objective, but you should email Larue to make sure. They sell the LT 135 which is the same mount but higher, but I believe that the standard LT 140 is good to go.

If you are looking for other high quality options, look to ADM or Bobro. Larue, ADM and Bobro are all pretty much tier 1 equipment and garner rave reviews. ADM mounts are also a tad bit cheaper than the comparable Larue mount. Also their QD set up doesn't scuff the upper's rails as much as the Larue mount does.

You can spend all kinds of crazy money on top quality scopes and rings. Do we all need top of the line name branded products? NO  (Just don't go low end.)  I have a 4.5 X 14 Burris scope with Warne quick detachable rings on a Yankee Hill riser set. You might want to look at WARNE TACTICAL SCOPE RINGS MAXIMA 1" AR-15 FLAT TOP ULTRA-HIGH around $60.00 online   If this is for competition, military or police use then (YES) I would go high end all day every day.
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