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Hello All!

I recently purchased two handguns:

1. A Kimber Ultra Raptor II. I purchased it from American Outdoor Sports. It is slightly used. Went to range once. Shoots Great, Great feel and accurate. :hoorah


(may have to scroll down to see it, depending on your monitor resolution)

1. A Glock 34, from my old standby gun store Campsite (I have been to about 10 gun stores on LI, and had experiences ranging from OK to excellent, and in my experience Campsite is #1. The only gun in my collection (I have 5,:guns not counting the ones I no longer own) not purchased from them is the one mentioned above, and I contacted Shaun from there, explained the deal and he suggested I purchase the Kimber. I showed it to them and they seemed to all like it and were happy for me. I mostly deal with Doug, Jonathan and Shaun.


I'm sure I'll like these two additions to my family

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Nice handguns Steve. Good luck with them.

Also. . . great photograpghs! Nice work Sir.

. . . and Thank You for sharing them with us.


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I always liked the Kimber.  Nice choice!! Love those grips too!
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