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pse stinger

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Just recieved a pse stinger 2011 series and found out that i didnt account for the mechanical release that comes with it and need to adjust it about 1/2 to and 1" anyone know how to do that?

this is the package i got: http://www.huntersfriend.com/2011_PSE_Stinger_Best_Bow_for_the_Money/discount_bowhunting_compound_bow_package.htm
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Bring it to a shop and have them adjust. Will cost a few bucks but worth it to have a tuned bow. You probably need a bow press to adjust cam anyway. Is draw too long now because of a d loop? If so try removing it and hooking release to the bow string direct.
There should be a Allan head set screw on the lower cam. loosen the screw and slide the the adjuster to the next letter. Tighten the screw. Each letter is usually an inch of draw.
no owners manual to show you how?
I'd also guess its not an inch per letter, maybe 1/2"?...there are 11 holes but bow adjusts 5"
@tully there is no press needed that is one reason why i purchased this specific bow.
@sa555 there are multiple screws with allen key heads and i just want to make sure that im not gonna screw anything up
@phumb yes owners manual but its for all there bows and not to specific about anything
I agree with tully. Bring to a good  shop let THEM make ALL the right adjustments . When you hit your target  you will be GLAD you spent the extra bucks!!!
I think smiths point archery is a PSE dealer... they'll get you set up right.  
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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