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Prescription drugs.

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On the NCIS form , Q e asks about certain drugs etc etc.

After reading the side effects of the sort of psyche drugs they are giving out like candy nowadays I was wondering if anyone had any experience of mood changing effects to such an extent that you worried about your own gun ownership.

My ex wife was bi-polar and had a ton of issues, but didnt take her medication. Someone bought us a knife set in a wooden block, the block went straight in the garbage and the knives went in a drawer.

Also one of the side effects of many of these drugs is that it impairs you, they say "do not operate machinery"

Isn't a gun a machine ???
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Ironic that they give "disturbed" people medication and tell that "disturbed person" "you'd better make sure you take your medicine!" What could possibly go wrong? Worked with a guy many years ago, 6'4" and 330 lbs., was on a bunch of meds. Decided one day to stop taking his meds and shortly after got into a fight with a guy on the job and almost crippled the guy...
This is going to be one of the battleground issues going forward regarding 2nd Amendment rights.

I'm not a doctor but psychiatry isn't an exact science. I'm sure in the extremes there are drugs that will trigger a reaction in just about everyone, putting them in a mental state where they shouldn't be handling a firearm. Short of those extremes where do you draw the line?

Everyone goes through periods of anxiety and stress. Don't try putting me in a closed MRI machine without giving me some Xanax. Some folks need a Valium before getting on an airplane. You develop insomnia and the doctor prescribes Ambien. Chronic pain and long term controlled use of an opiate may be required.

I don't think prescribed use of a drug and requiring a doctor's note should be determining factors. Until an individual actually does something that makes it clear they are a danger to themselves or others their 2nd Amendment rights shouldn't be violate. If we lower the bar further it opens up more and more avenues for infringement. Does this mean we have to live with some level of danger? Yes, but that's the price of living in a free society.
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A very important and complex issue
The NY State Application asks no such question, it only cares about ILLEGAL use of narcotics and clinical depression, not legitimately prescribed medicines for pain, anxiety, etc. This is a requirement of certain (southern) counties and their “questionnaires”. I showed my doctor this, and he said for police to have any type of access to such info would require a court order and usually a criminal investigation. In his opinion, such a request is borderline unlawful, and he would never provide any information regarding his patients without a court order, as he would risk getting sued. I bring up the whole “so, if you took a medicine they want disclosed due to being HIV+, now you have to disclose this diagnosis to the police in order to exercise a constitutional right ?” They want to know the reason you took/take certain medicines, and this IS NOT a requirement for disclosure on the state application. I went through all of this for medicine I took for disc degeneration in my back, and had to disclose this, so if I was Rx’d medicine due to a recent HIV diagnosis for sleep, such as Xanax, now I have to tell a police agency I have HIV ? This is a very slippery slope.
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