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Figured this could be another fun entertaing thread. No fights, no politics, just interesting and maybe educational.

If you have something someone else already posted call them on it.

I'll start.

This is a Hardens Hand Grenade Fire Extinguisher.

My father found a case of these while checking out an abandoned school in Harlem during the late 1950s. He was NYPD and checking for vagrants.

On one side it says

Hardens Hand Grenade Fire Extinguisher.

On the other it says

Patented No.1

AUG 8 1871

AUG 14 1883

As an interesting side note.

Anyone remember the TV show Wonderama?

I was on that show when I was a kid.

Kids used to bring things in that were unusual for a show and tell type thing. I brought this.

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Maybe 35 years ago I was in the country somewhere, could have been PA, and I was in an antique store. There had been a massive flood there at one time and this insulator was from a power pole that had been knocked down. It was made by WhithallTatum Co. No. 1 (size i guess)


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Fun thread.

Here's something I think no one here has since they only made 250 of them.

Colt "Custom Cobra"

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