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Police: Woman Assaulted With Bratwurst

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Just Great!

Now they're probably going to ban hi-cap Bratwurst. And no flash suppressor either! ;D


Police: Woman Assaulted With Bratwurst
David Derong, KCCI.com

POSTED: 11:27 am CDT July 26, 2011
UPDATED: 12:54 pm CDT July 26, 2011

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Des Moines police said woman living on the 1400 block of East 9th Street was assaulted with a bratwurst Monday night after refusing to fight with a homeless woman.

Connie Jones, 63, told police that she got into a verbal argument in her home with Tajuana Banks, 31, over the childcare of her granddaughter. Jones stated that Banks regularly visits her home and tries to spark physical altercations.

In this instance, Banks repeatedly yelled profanities at Jones in an attempt to get her to fight, according to the police report.

Police said Jones kept her cool and refused to fight, until Banks picked up a nearby bratwurst and hurled it at the victim's chest. Police documented grease marks on Jones' clothing for the police report.

Jones called police because Banks refused to leave the apartment and Jones feared that the violence would escalate. Officers arrested Banks on a charge of simple assault, according to the report.

Police said that while leaving the apartment, Banks yelled that she would do it again if provided an opportunity.

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I'll smack you with my bologna!!!
I'll wave my zuchini at you!
I'll show you who's sausage is boss!
At least it wasn't a sex assault. that would have been brutal...
im guilty..i have assaulted women with my bratwurst,and my kosher salami,and my soppresata,and my dill pickle
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