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PMC .380 Auto Ammo  300 rounds

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I am auctioning off 300 rounds of .380 ammo.

100% of the proceeds go toward Long Island Firearms Freedom Fund.

Auction Ends 11/06/09 at 8pm

Please help support the cause which will make a difference for everyone.

Starting bid, $5
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thanks T.Webb

First bid; $50!

Members this is for charity!
I will Bid $100.00 dollars
Wow thanks Red!

Come on members, after all this is for charity!
Here's a chance to get impossible to get ammo potentially at a cheap price! AND, it's for a good cause.
I'll bid 110
Keep those bids going!   After all its for charity.  
Okay I'll up to $115.00
$125.00. Not to bump it. Not to be rude. But just for a good cause.

Part of me hopes I win. Part of me hopes I get out bid again.
I hope this helps $130.00 It's a good cause and I'm still getting a deal :)
Camo said:
I hope this helps $130.00 It's a good cause and I'm still getting a deal :)
Yes it is and yes you are.

Both of you are helping the cause.
$130 is the high bidder so far!

Come on this is hard to get ammo and its for a good cause!
I'm extending this auction for the good of the cause.


High bidder is $130 -Red
Good cause are worth it $135.00, no doubt
High Bidder : slowryder @ $135 !

This is for a GREAT cause!
I will bid $136.00 ;)
I bid $140.00, for the cause
I'm out:luck
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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