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Sounds like he may have saved his life but lost his job.

Tim McIntyre, a spokesman for Domino's, said in e-mail response to the Eagle that Waide was not an employee of Domino's, so it wasn't the company's call on whether to fire Waide. He said the store on east Harry is a franchise owned by Michael McKinley. McKinley could not be reached for comment.

"I can't speak to the exact policy at the franchise," McIntyre said in his email, "but corporately, we have all employees sign an employment agreement. Among the many things in that agreement … is a clause about not carrying a weapon."

Read more: http://www.kansas.com/2011/12/01/2123661/pistol-packing-pizza-delivery.html#ixzz1fMwaCtNh
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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