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pic of new vortex red dot mounted

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got my new vortex strike fire today. only 2 days after ordering it and the shipping was free. So i decided to mount it up since my yhm backup iron sights wont be here til tomorrow. My question is did I mount it too far forward? I kinda feel like there wont be enough room for the flup  rear sight if I dont mount it so far forward. This setup is for absolute cowitness but does that mean I should use the rear sight too. Or is the cowitness with the front sight only? btw this thing seems really well built and seems so far like a pretty good optic for the money.
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Mounting the sight farther forward can give you better target acquisition actually, hence the concept of the 'scout' style forward scope mount on rifles. The red dot can be mounted anywhere really, it does not affect the accuracy, only how you acquire the sight picture when you go to aim, and on the short difference in distance on the AR's rail, it really doesn't make much difference. As for co-witness, when the red dot and irons are both sighted in the same, looking through the irons you will see the red dot right on top of the front sight post, if you are looking at the target from above the irons, the red-dot will still appear on target, the irons of course will not.
That scope is bigger than I thought.  Give a report when you shoot it, I have been looking at them a little while.
The scope is well built and the dot is bright even in the sunlight. The issue im having is its almost impossible for me too sight in my gun. I put my new YHM flip up sights on and the vortex. Problem is I cant seem to get them all sighted in together. Any Advice? How accurate should those sights be out of the box?
I iwll be ordering the new sparc when funds allow, and a 1-4 is in my future.

I like the company's attitude alot, haven't tried the products personally yet tho.
You can clamp the upper onto a bench/table and look through the barrel at a point on the wall, and mark that point, then adjust the irons to match up with the point you mark on the wall, that will get it reasonably closely boresighted, at least enough to see where rounds are impacting at 50yds. Then adjust the irons further until they are sighted in. Once the irons are sighted in, you can adjust the red dot to match.
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