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Shocking News: Pentagon Bans Rip-It Energy Drinks

August 23, 2015 by Scott Faith

In a stunning announcement that reverses 14 years of proud tradition, the US Army is pulling the popular energy drink Rip-It off of PX shelves and out of comfort pallets bound for overseas service members.

"It turns out that a single Rip-It has like 4000% of the recommended lifetime caffeine intake," explained US Army Surgeon General Cal Ripkin. "That's per serving. And because they come in those little cans, everyone thinks they can drink like thirty of them. A day."

He is correct. A single infantry platoon of thirty men has been known to go through 25 cases of Rip-It energy drinks in a single day, especially when the day's mission gets weathered out and the Call of Duty server is down again. Resupply for the one brigade-sized element in Iraq alone requires 17 C-5 cargo planes doing constant "turn and burn" operations from Rip-It's warehouse in Connecticut into combat hotspots around the world. Rip-It has definitely left its mark on our warfighters.

But Rip-It has a dark side. One small can of Rip-It is supposed to provide enough concentrated energy for an entire 6-month deployment, but troops are guzzling them down like Jaeger shots at a sorority girl's 21st birthday party. As it turns out, a single 8-ounce serving of Rip-It boosts testosterone, aggression, and ESP by as much as 200% in soldiers of both genders. In fact, in both composition and effect, a can of Rip-It is exactly the same as a hit of crystal meth. Because of this startling revelation, the US Attorney General, acting on the advice of the Drug Enforcement Agency and the FDA, is now forcing Rip-It cans to carry a drug warning for its active ingredient, "ripitol."

"This is a dangerous drug, known to make troops who overdose combat ineffective," said the sergeant major of the 75th Ranger Regiment. "Troops in my own unit are dangerous experimenting with ripitol, going so far as to hold inter-platoon "case races." I don't think I have to tell you how THAT ended."

Not everyone is pleased about the announcement outlawing Rip-It though. "When I get home and tell people I survived seven tours to Afghanistan and four to Iraq purely on caffeine and hate, people think I'm kidding," explained former US Army Ranger Tom Shergood. "But if we were getting to go on a two-week patrol inside Taliban territory and you had room in your ruck, you didn't carry spare batteries or another belt of machinegun ammo. You carried a case of Rip-Its. ALWAYS. It's THAT important. You know those vests they have for carrying a bunch of 40mm grenades? Well I carried a grenade launcher but all of my grenade pouches contained the squad's basic load of Rip-Its. My team leader even made me dummy cord each can to my LBV so I didn't lose any."

Admiral William McRaven, former commander of SOCOM: "What, no more Rip-It? F-that, I'm out."

Negative reactions to the news are not confined to the enlisted ranks, either. Admiral William McRaven, commander of US Special Operations Command and a notorious Rip-It fiend, was reported to have offered his resignation as commander of US Special Operations Command when he heard that the tasty beverages were about to be banned by the Pentagon. He is now the chairman of the board of Rip-It Solutions International, the private military corporation/beverage conglomerate dedicated to making the third world safe for Rip-It and democracy.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, conspiracy theorists have managed to tie this development to the historic graduation of two female officers from the previously male-only Ranger School:
"You think that those two girls graduated Ranger School because of hard work and perseverance, just like everyone else did? No way!" exclaimed Pete Basil, who did three weeks of basic training as a cav scout and is not only "basically infantry" but also considers himself an expert on all things Ranger even though he never earned the Ranger Tab or served in the Ranger Regiment.

Speaking to us from his trailer park in rural Wyoming, Basil explained, "I saw on InfoWars that during their time in the "gulag" those women didn't do PT… they didn't sleep… all they did was pound Rip-Its for like a week straight. OF COURSE you're going to graduate Ranger School when you get that kind of special treatment. Have you seen the pictures of (US Army general and former Delta Force commander) Scott Miller carrying that big, heavy ruck? I'll give you one guess what was in it… and it rhymes with "dip poops." I bet he was tossing cans of Rip-It around like Mardi Gras beads while he was walking patrols, but I bet not a SINGLE male Ranger candidate got one from ol' Scotty."

Plans to include Rip-Its in the new lineup of "Class VI MREs" is now on hold pending a full investigation.

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That's a funny website.
Here's another article from them:

Ensuring Equality: More Combat Deaths For Women And Minorities

"Ultimately, America's answer to the intolerant man is diversity, the very diversity which our heritage of religious freedom has inspired."

Robert F. Kennedy

Colonel Mike Copenhayer, while not technically an "operator," has spent a lot of time in SOF units, most likely screwing up awards, losing promotion packets, and generally making it as difficult as possible for the guys on the tip of the spear to do their job.

Everyone wants "equality…" until it's time to do "equality" stuff.
As the personnel officer who has been the J1 at the Joint Special Operations Command and G1 at the US Army Special Operations Command, he is part of the bureaucracy that has made life exceedingly difficult for a huge percentage of all Special Operations Force soldiers.

Not satisfied with only a mere "huge percentage," Colonel Copenhayer sought to go further by writing "The Integration of Minorities into Special Operations: How Cultural Diversity Enhances Operations" while attending the United States Army War College.

After Military.com and USA Today picked up the story it created a firestorm that erupted throughout the halls of power. The Armed Services committee commissioned a report from the Congressional Research Service, which highlighted with cold hard numbers the institutional inequality and lack of diversity within the armed forces.
Vowing to fix this inequality, a bi-partisan agreement was reached and a new law was passed late last night. General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has ordered all women and minorities, regardless of branch, to immediately report to Afghanistan. These new replacements will immediately replace all front-line combat troops who are privileged, white males.

The report's shocking discovery showed that, although 63.7% of America is white, 85% of deaths in Afghanistan and 82.6% in Iraq were white males.

Even worse, according to the U.S. Census bureau 49% of Americans are female, but females only made up 2.1% of casualties for Afghanistan, and a slightly higher 2.5% for Iraq.

Senator Dianne Feinstein immediately stated, "This casualty inequality cannot stand."

General Dempsey told Hit the Woodline in a phone interview today, "We know from all of our classified studies, which we don't release, that women do not have the ability to carry the average infantry load."

"This actually really works well for us, though. Starting now, we will not issue women any body armor, so they can more easily maneuver on the enemy and patrol in the mountains." He continued, "without the extra weight of the body armor, we are sure to quickly close this unfair gender casualty gap."

General Dempsey highlighted and described a new unit. "Due to this massive inequality chasm, specifically the gender casualty gap, we will make special, highly mobile units who can be sent to wherever the fighting happens to be the most vicious and brutal. These shock troops will be made up of black and Hispanic women only."

"This is really good; every minority woman who gets killed actually counts for two spaces on this cool spreadsheet that gets sent to me twice a day."

The spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff said, "Equality is our #1 priority. We have to get 3,170 women and minorities killed in order to make it fair. Hopefully we can accomplish this in a few months."

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I used to live on those on long missions in Iraq and Astan, we had to hoard them from the DFAC cause they limited them to 2 per person…good times.
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