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ORLANDO, Fla. -- ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - Authorities say two men convicted on murder charges were mistakenly released from a Florida prison with forged documents.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office says Joseph Jenkins and Charles Walker were released separately from a prison in the Florida Panhandle in late September and early October. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement learned about the mistake Tuesday.

Walker was serving a life sentence on a second-degree murder conviction. Jenkins was serving a prison sentence for a 1998 first-degree murder conviction. According to the sheriff's office, both convictions stemmed from crimes committed in Orange County.

The Florida Department of Corrections says the men were released based on forged documents filed with the court to alter their sentences.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office is seeking help from residents in capturing the two men and asks anyone who sees either of them to call 911 right away.

"These men have been convicted of major felony crimes and should not be approached as they are considered to be very dangerous," Jeff Williamson, public information officer for the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

State and local authorities are searching for the men and investigating how they got released.

Florida law requires felons to register with a local sheriff's office when they move to a new county.

On separate days, the men reported to the booking lobby of the Orange County Jail in Orlando, where they were photographed and fingerprinted for a state database, and where they filled out registration forms, jail spokesman Allen Moore says. During this process, an Orange County sheriff's deputy typically checks for outstanding warrants and if there is none to be found, the person is free to go, according to Moore's office.

I would lock my doors if I lived in Florida.

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Somebody filed a forged document from a circuit court Judge saying their sentences had been voided.
It was in the Post this morning.
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