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Good afternoon everyone! once again we will be setting up at the Hauppauge gun show, hopefully they put on some football this year...

We have some specials for the show, and some info on what we will be bringing.

Look out for our brand new Sellier & Bellot 30-06 for the M1 Garand, this stuff is fantastic!

500 rd PPU 30 Carbine cases - $220
500 rd PPU .45 ACP cases - $200
200 rd battle backs of PPU 5.56 M855 GREEN TIP - $100
500 rd loose packs of Thomas Ammunition HP 9mm - $135
1000 rd loose packs of Thomas Ammunition HAP 9mm - $250

****Thomas Ammunition custom loads 115gr Hornady HAP bullet heads into once fired police range brass, not brand new manufactuer*****

This show we will be bringing some assorted knives, bayonets and a couple swords...for you WWII collectors there are some very interesting WWII theater knives in there....if I don't have what you're looking for there is a good chance I have it tucked away at the shop so bring the bayonet wish list.


We will have an example of each of our rifles on hand, you can reserve a rifle at a discounted price with a small down payment and pick it up at the shop. Deposit must be given at the show to recieve the sale price.

Match, Scout and EBR Garands will be $200 off current website price.
Select, USGI and Navy Garands will be $150 off current website price.
Select Carbines will be $100 off current wesbite price.

Thanks for looking and see you at the show!

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