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I looked and haven't seen it posted, so figured I'll give a "shout out" for....

Orion 7 / www.m1garand.com
1542 Rocky Point Rd. Middle Island, NY 11953
631 205 1299

A few folks at the shoot this past weekend said they couldn't find his shop, and I had a hard time as well.
So I'll try and help......
His shop is north of Middle country rd on Rt 21 (Rocky Point Rd) 1/2 mile.
(Rt21 / Rocky Point Rd, is just east of the Middle Island Walmart - 2nd traffic light after the one infront of Walmart)
Orion 7 is on the east side of Rt21, but.... northern end of the 2nd row of industrial store fronts.
Which is behind the 1st row which you can see from the street.
The Orion 7 shop can't be seen from the street.
Drive in by the hardware store (northern end of the lot), and drive between the buildings to the rear of the 1st row and you'll then see the 2nd row of industrial store fronts to your right.

One needs to check out their website for store hours, if planning on visiting.
Occasionally, but it hasn't happen to me yet, they may close once a week for a few hours to hit the range and test fire rifles just restored/rebuilt or just going onto the racks - and they don't post those impromptu closings. So if your coming from a long distance give him a call 1st.
I think with the summer hours he had ( closed Thur and Fri ), he was using Friday as a range day.

It's a great place for those that are into WWII rifles, particularly the Garand.
He keeps his website pretty well updated with the parts he has in stock and his seasonal store hours.
Small but pretty neat shop.

As I've learned from the CMP forum and now from my own experiences, he's very highly regarded , in the top three for Garand and M1 Carbine armorers.

Yes, his pricing is higher than CMP, but CMP is a not for profit, and not local. And unless you want to make the trip to a CMP shop, mail order is luck of the draw and a ~120 day wait (and it's getting rare to find a service grade on the rack at the shops). Don't get me wrong, I have orders in with CMP from this spring, but still waiting. I wanted to shoot this spring and summer, and started researching options, and found a bunch, with Orion 7 in the mix.
Orion 7 is local, and for the rifles, I find him much less than Fulton Armory (another highly regarded WWII rifle shop).
For the accessories, I find them both about the same, but I like to keep my monies local if there's a good relationship there.

Usually has surplus ammo, all 1st rate and clean, at going market pricing. But doesn't sell it in bulk - just by the 20/box - clips - bandoleers.

Stock on rifles goes up and down as he gets stock in, and it gets sold out.
He had nearly two dozen M1 Carbines come in about a month ago, about 1/2 are already gone (1 came home with me :) ).

He has a all sorts of USGI parts for the Garand and M1Carbine, and some other USGI rifles.
And services those long arms as well.

I'm not affiliated with Orion 7, just a satisfied customer, and when I'm out and around in the area I like to stop in and see what he has on the racks. But my wife hates it when I do....

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+1 for Tony Pucci. Tony is the co-president of the Garand Collectors Association (www.thegca.org) and I deal with him on a regular basis as one of the editors of the Garand Collectors Journal.

I have seen Tony bend over backwards (a difficult task with his physique) to help/assist a M1 Garand, M1 Carbine or M1903 owner with a problem. He is truly one of the "good guys" in the industry.

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Yes.... great guy, and nothing but great comments about him and his shop on the CMP forum.
Which is why I bought my 1st Garand from him, and my 1st carbine, and my 1st 03a3.... and now have a pissed 1st wife.

When I get my CMP rifles, they will be going to his shop first.

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Had to chime in on this thread to give some props to Tony as well. I purchased a CMP service grade Garand a few years ago and went out to Tonys shop to buy some accessories and ammo for it. I happened to have it in my car as I had just picked it up from FedEx and much to my surprise Tony asked me to bring it in so he could give it a once over. He inspected everything, found a few pins missing and took care of them for me on the spot, free of charge. He gauged everything, checked the headspace and timing and let me know she was safe to shoot. I've always enjoyed shooting the rifle but wanted more out of it in terms of accuracy since in its service grade condition it tended shoot all over the place.

Last month I took my rifle back to Tony and spoke with him about turning my old 1944 service grade Garand into a true match rifle. He walked me through all the options and pricing and really took the time to explain everything to me including what I needed and what I didn't. I left the rifle with him and two weeks later picked up the most beautiful Garand I've ever seen. :) My reincarnated rifle will easily hold at least 2 MOA all day long if I do my part and it shoots like a dream. I have before and after targets that make me laugh every time I look at them, the difference is impressive. The match trigger is amazing and breaks like glass, the National Match sights are fantastic, the new stock is tight and perfectly finished. When I picked the rifle up it had already been sighted in at 200 yards and broken in for me, all I had to do was enjoy it. I could not be more pleased with his work and his helpful attitude. If you have a Garand and are considering having any work done to it at all you would be doing yourself a disservice not to go visit Tony. Also, if you do have a Garand or are the least bit interested in these wonderful rifles you should join the Garand Collectors Association. They put out a great news letter loaded with history, photos and interesting articles about these special rifles.

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This is great to hear - seems like the reviews are improving service in general, but love to see the shops that dont need it. keep up the great work.

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jeepejeep said:
Great to hear this. I'm going there tomorrow night to buy my son a Garand for his graduation. I've also heard Anthony is a good guy. I'll let you know how it went.
What a DAD!!!!

Will you adopt me???

He is , top notch guy to deal with, and is on top of the heep for Garand armorers.
All great people in his shop as well.

I was there this morning dropping of my new to me CMP HRA for a tech inspection and basic clean up and set up.
He had a bunch of his built to like new Select Grades on the rack too.

Enjoy the shopping.
Yes, please report back and pictures tooo of what you picked out for your son.


Skope, great to hear. Even CMP makes mistakes with the number or rifles they send out.
It's a great , but minor investment to have Orion7 go through any "new to someone" Garand or WWII rifle for that matter, to make sure it's safe.
I've bought an 03a3 and a carbine, and one of his Select Grades Garands from him (soo far).
All great shooters and function perfect.
The Select grade and 03a3 are tack drivers, they give me something to work towards.

Importance of a tech inspection by someone / a shop , as knowledgeable as Tony/Orion7 was driven home to me....
There was a thread on CMP's forum, a guy bought a mostly finished Garand, supposedly done by smithy that knew Garands, and he had it finished by his own smithy that "knew Garands".
90 rounds into a match, and he gets a slam fire, and the rifle basically blew up. Fortunately the shooter came away with just some cuts, and a rifle stock nearly in two and parts all over the ground. His pride and rifle were the major damage.
Turns out, his trigger assy was missing a "bolt rotator" lug. As I learned from following it.... it's part of the safety design, when the hammer falls , if the bolt is not in battery, this lug is falling before the hammer and forcing the bolt into battery. Well with it missing, it was able to fired without the bolt being all the way in battery, and made a mess.
Turns out, more than a few people said that their rifles were missing the same lug. Some thought it was suppose to be that way, a variation, some got them that way on CMP rifles, other bought parts from dealers. So readers commented they were running to their safe to check their Garands.
There's more to these fine rugged rifles then meets the eye. And having someone like Tony go through your new to you 60 yo rifle is a minor investment, compared to your safety, IMHO.
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