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Optics on target 22 pistols?

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I have a Ruger Mark III hunter 5.5" barrel and just acquired a S&W Model 41 5.5" barrel from a friend. I have only been shooting for 2 years now. I always use factory sights on my pistols and rifles (I don't hunt).

However, I would like to try a scope or red dot for my 22's. What do you guys recommend?
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Yep, I've got the fastfire 2 on mine. It's fantastic. It's all very small and a touch fragile though because of it's small size. Just have to use the correct torx amounts so as not to strip the small screws.

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I have  Fastfires on a 41, a High Standard & a Gold cup. No weight/bulk, perfect dot size for bullseye. The only difference between fastfire & fastfire II is water resistance
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