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Optics on a shotgun?

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My lady asked me a few months ago if we could put a red-dot on her 10/22. I had no choice but to oblige and purchased a cheap one from Sports Authority for her to try out. Needless to say she didn't like it, so I kept it in the "spare parts," just in case I might find something to used it for. A few days ago I was at Dick's and saw a Weaver rail for a Mossberg 500 and figured, "Hey this is cheap, let me grab it and put the red-dot on my Mossy... sweet."
No I don't need it, but hey why not have fun? Well I assumed since this was a Weaver rail for my shotgun, and the 10/22 comes with a Weaver rail, it would mount fine. It doesn't, it seems to be much wider. So now I have a rail on my shotgun with nothing on it.

I might as well put it to use, so what do you guys think I should put on there? Nothing crazy, just something I can goof around with.
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A 1-5 power scope good field of view.Any of the Bushnell Dusk to Dawn scopes should do fine.Center Point at Walmart is a good cheap scope.
eotech. Lol

It fits!

actually one of those cheaper slim halo/reflex sights would be fine.
i picked up a BSA reflex sight, put in on my Benelli M4 I like it.
Picked it up from Natchez online. thats my $.02
fixed power is fine.
Pick up what you can afford.
Look through a few of them at the store and see how clear they are in the center compared to edges which is where substandard optics can distort.

good luck
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