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Open telephone line to 911 foils home invasion

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That worked out well. Are 911 operators required to account for every call that comes in or can they discount a call that they consider a crank call or mistake call (411 intended but misdialed)?
Open telephone line to 911 foils home invasion

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Associated Press

6:32 a.m. CST, January 13, 2011
SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Police say a northern Indiana woman's cool, quick thinking alerted police to a home invasion that ended with two arrests.

Three men forced their way into a South Bend home Tuesday night, and one of the invaders held a couple and their child at gunpoint while the other two ransacked the residence. At one point the gunman threatened to shoot the father of the family.

The South Bend Tribune says his wife was able to get to a telephone, secretly dial 911 and leave the line open, and a dispatcher sent officers to the address to investigate. Their arrival prompted the invaders to flee out the back door with electronic equipment and money, but police say they arrested two 17-year-olds after searching the neighborhood. A third suspect is sought.
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They have to account for every call, if for no other reason than they need the documentation should a lawsuit result from the 911 call.
They take every call seriously. If the caller disconnects, they call them back. They never hang up on a caller.
I can see it now - a pi$$ed off guy catches his girlfriend cheating on him so he dials 911 with her phone and leaves it under her bed during her next liason. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Enhanced 911 they respond to the house. Most often hang ups are domestic incidents.
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