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Okay, so I bought...

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Hi Guys,

Need alittle help here. I purchase a red dot for my rifle a few months ago. I've tried to do some tweaking to it, but I can't nail it. I've wasted enough ammo trying to figure if it shoots center.

Can anybody tell me of a inexpensive bore sight that would be easy to use with a 9mm rifle? This could be an online purchase, so any thoughts and help would be appreciated. I need to get this red dot set up..

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Have you tried strapping the rifle to something like a lead sled and see where the groups are?

As a hobbyist gunsmith I often find the problem lies behind the sights. The person firing the rifle. (I count myself in that group at times). It could be that you are jerking the trigger (unconsciously) or poor eye alignment with the sights. By strapping the rifle to a sled you take the user out of the equation and can evaluate where the problem lies. If the rifle is consistently grouping then the rifle is fine and you need to work on sight alignment. If you find out the sights line up too then you need to take a hard look at yourself and see what you are doing wrong. I have to admit, we all do it. Sometimes it is just the need of going back to basics.

I hope that helps.

PS -- If you need a bore sight. I have one you can borrow.
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Are you having problems sighting it in? Many dots work the opposite of a scope. You adjust the dot to the bullet hole, not the hole to the dot like you would the cross hairs in a scope. I've seen LOTS of people waste a lot of time and a lot of ammo because of that.

Trick is... some dots sights do, some don't.
I'm sure someone like SIGSAUERNY would be willing to help out sighting it in.

You should PM him I know he has a range night once a week and would definitely be willing to help out getting it sighted in.
Bring it to the shoot and we can do our best... Is it tight on the rifle? If the mount is lose this would change position of scope evertime you transport or even shoot it.

Also, Sometimes with red dots its shooter errors. The dot needs to be perfect in the center....
It sometimes helps to shoot dirt.  Seriously, at Calverton I shoot the dirt backstop behind the targets.  It is easier to see where your shots are landing than on a piece of paper.  It has helped me sight in a lot of rifles.  Also, it may help to shoot a plain white piece of paper; the holes show up more clearly than on a colored target.  Use a big white piece of cardboard like a pizza box.  Aim for the middle and see where the shots are landing, adjust accordingly.
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