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NY State CCW license allows one to carry in nyc since the Bruen decision ?

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I heard if one has NY State CCW license one is allowed to carry in nyc since the Bruen decision and nyc has to honor NY STATE licenses . Is this correct? So its better to live in LI or upstate NY because in nyc it takes 1-3 years to get nyc ccw because theres 500k applying for nyc ccw right now! But it doesn't make a difference because of sensitive places but hopefully that will be lifted shortly.
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The SCOTUS incorporated the Equal Protection Clause of 14th Amendment into the text of its Bruen decision, which means that your license is good anywhere in the US and that all states had to honor and recognize those issued by any other state or Constutional carry, if you are from one of those states.

However, NYC and NYS have taken the position that the state law overrides the Bruen decision and will not recognize any other license. That's a large part of the 5 major lawsuits which have been scheduled to start trial on 3/20, in the 2nd Circuit Court, which tends to lean far Left. What that court will do, despite the fact that SCOTUS made it clear what they should do, is a guessing game. Also, regardless of the 2nd Circuit's decison, expect an appeal to be filed. If the 2nd Circuit follows the language and intent of the Bruen decision, NYS will appeal. If the 2nd Circuit dances around the Bruen decision, the plaintiffs will appeal.

So, to answer your question, directly, the SCOTUS says there are no restrictions on your license and you can enter NYC with it, legally. NYC claims they will arrest and prosecute, if you do that.

Does anyone know of anyone,in NYC, being arrested and charged, in a location that is currently NOT a sensitive or restricted place, with a NYS CCW, pistol on said permit, without the NYC endorsement? Is there a way for the average man, to research that, with minimal familiarity of the legal system?
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