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NRA Essentials Cleaning Kit

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Unfortunately, the person who won the first auction was no longer interested in the kit so it will be going up again!

Thanks to member IVFLO, we are auctioning off a brand new NRA essentials gun cleaning kit. All proceeds benefit the Freedom Fund!!!

10 Brass Cleaning Brushes (.17, .357, .40, .45, 410 GA, 20 GA, 12 GA)
6 Cotton Cleaning Mops (.357, 410 GA, 20 GA, 12 GA, .17, .22)
2 Plastic Patch Loop Cleaning Rod Tips (.22, 12 GA)
3 Brass Rod Adapters
3-pc. Shotgun Cleaning Rod (12 GA)
3-pc. Rifle Cleaning Rod (.17)
Plastic Cleaning Rod Handle
Box of Cleaning Patches (sized for 12 GA)

We will start the bidding at $20. Auction ends 3/15 at 9 pm.

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I'll go $25.00
we really need to set some rules on this "Cent" bidding - even ebay doesnt allow it, make it a whole dollar above the highest bid at a minimum - looks like a great deal / steal - enjoy!
Waited days for someone to out bid. Nothing. Appears I was only one interested.
NorthForkSportsman said:
Sleeper win. Godess, PM me payment info.
Definitely a "sleeper win"... I forgot this was for the 15th... Cool score, Congrats !
Thanks for your support.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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