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"From political reporters to Democratic operatives to Harlem preachers, few in New York City
seem impressed by Bill de Blasio two years into his mayorship.

A new profile in Vanity Fair features less-than-flattering quotes from a number of named and
unnamed sources. They bandy about terms such as 'lazy,' 'micro-manager,' 'sanctimonious,'
and 'racist.'

Some of those who offer praise for the mayor in the story temper it with mild criticism of his

Some quotes from the story, and their sources:"

Go to the article to read more: http://freebeacon.com/politics/no-one-likes-bill-de-blasio/

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Gee I can't understand why, communist, arrives at work around noon time, locks himself in his office for several hours, lives at Gracie mansion, but travels to Brooklyn to hit the gym, hates the police, can't make a decision without a committee to waste money, but what the heck it's not his money, still thinking about what to do about the horse drawn carriages, dumb stupid liberal leadership at its finest.
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