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Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40 BDC

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Just purchased one with a RRA Scout rail for my 20" Ar. Looked at some reviews first and it seemed like most people like it for the price.

Should have asked here first but it was a good deal and i didn't want someone getting it before I could, so did i make the right decision?
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I have it on my ar also and for the price its pretty much the best thing out there...unless you go used. The only compatible ne scope in the same range price wise was the bushnell trophy xlt...which is just as clear and has a similar reticle
Everyone loves the prostaff, it was a good choice.
Nikon has a pretty cool app for using the BDC reticle. Takes into account ammo, range to target, range of the scope's zero, etc.

Thanks for the link blammo! i will post pics of the scope mounted when its delivered
I had a 3-9X40 prostaff (non-bdc) on my AR and loved it!
great scope..........have one on my 270
I recently picked one up to swap between an AR and a CX4. awesome scope!
Great! i was reading up on it and some people said the BDC retical was not good, but i guess i will have to see.
ArNoob said:
Great! i was reading up on it and some people said the BDC retical was not good, but i guess i will have to see.
What kind of issues were they having?
not sure, might have been opinion based, but most people who posted on ar15com didn't like the retical for some reason.
AR, I have used many different Nikon Scopes on my AR's. I have used the PROSTAFF 3-9 BDC along with Nikon's Spot On Ballistic Program and blasted steel targets at 350 yards on a friends ranch here in Tx. I currently have the M-223 3-12 BDC Scope on my DPMS AR and I am extremely happy with it. I have personally shot out to 600 yards on 2 occasions using this set up. Quite a lot of fun especially for someone who doesn't consider himself a very good long range shooter. I guess one more reason I take advantage of whatever help I can get and the BDC or Rapid Action Turret's will do just that. Nikon is also getting ready to put in stores a new P-223 3-9 BDC Scope built on the PROSTAFF platform. We just unveiled it 2 weeks ago in Vegas and to a lot of enthusiasm and orders. Also be on the look out for a P-Series 2 piece AR Mount. Less then $50 retail.
Lots of cool things AR related on the way.
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ArNoob said:
Great! i was reading up on it and some people said the BDC retical was not good, but i guess i will have to see.
I can ask the deer that were shot while using it if you like.......................not that you can get a an answer:deadhorse:deadhorse:deadhorse:deadhorse:deadhorse:deadhorse
Anyone try this in the Rimfire version?
Well, it will be here tomorrow, and i will shoot with it next weekend, seems like most people like it. I guess the guys over at arcom are picky with their equipment  ::)
I also recently did quite a bit of research and decided on the Nikon Pro staff 3x9x40 BDC in Matte model # 6722 which is the updated version. It has an addition eye focus to see and focus just on the cross hair and BDC as best as possible. The scope is just awesome .. Then you have the super clear great with magnification... I can easily see 100 yards at a 3 or 4 setting. I've also played around with the scope in low light conditions and has proved to be very good.. The reviews are all great did a side by side comparison with some other scopes even higher priced ones and just fell in love with this one.
Now just download the free Spot On technology off there web site which is just incredible as well as a nice feature to have.
Nikon has a winner here and for the price can't be beat..
Right decision and loved that Bullet drop compensation.
looks cool and tactical.
the Nikon Spoton software is available as a Android App, as well.

I've got the Prostaff 3-9x50 on my Savage Mod 12BVSS (in silver, to match the rifle) and I liked enough to make the M233 2-8x32 ( Nikoplex reticle) a no brainer on my SPR type AR, and I liked that so much I ordered the M223 1-4x20 ( Point Blank Reticle) for my Recon Carbine.

Can't go wrong with Nikon these days.
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