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Nikon p223

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Anyone have this? Great pricing on optics planet and was looking for a review from you guys   '.........thanks
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I'm looking at the 3x32 bdc carbine model
I have one on my colt and i like it ,removed an eotec the nikon is more fun at
the range. I have 2 nikon monarks all are good scopes :)
Have a couple of Nikon M 223 line scopes on my ARs.

I find the Nikon line an excellent value.
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If the .223 line is anything like the prostaff line you'll be happy. I have several prostaff scopes from nikon and have had no problems at all.
Awsome thanks guys..
I have the Nikon M223 with Point Blank Reticle for my AR and a Pro Staff Rimfire Scope with BDC Reticle for my 10/22. I love the Nikon optics.
Can't go wrong with the Nikon . I have the m223 on my ar and pro staff 3-9 x40 on savage mkll fv with bdc . Love em both for the price. Next I want a higher power pro staff for my new savage hog in .308 for LR target.great software you can use on your smart phone also.
I had the P223 carbine 3x fixed on my S&W M&P15. Excellent site. You really cant go wrong with Nikon. I also have an M223 600BDC on my Savage model 10.
Thank you for all the info going to the store to check out the Nikon 223 scopes ,geoff3
What do you guys recommend for a black powder rifle.
I have a Prostaff on my 30-06 my 308 and my 50 caL ML. I think Nikon is a great choice in optics they give a great value and work very well and they come with a lifetime warrantee you wont have to use.
The Nikon P-223 is a great scope and have a few of them. See attached pics. The M-223 is really nice as well especially with BDC
just got my nikon m-223 4-16 magnification yesterday but havent got a chance to use it yet
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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