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I signed up for Safety Quest too. December class but in Port Jefferson.
Do I need to update my passport to go out that far? All kidding aside, I was not going to take the class right away until the dust had settled a bit but NCPD PLB changed my mind on Monday. Apparently that drug test they forced me to take within 15 days of the letter is not valid forever, more like 4 - 5 months. They indicated that taking a class in late or after January might cause me to have to repeat the drug test to submit applications, although that was not mentioned in the letter. Y’all might want to check your status ASAP.
This was right after they told me I had to pay the $200 again that I just paid in June for renewal.
I’m sure glad the State and County found a way to keep all those poor people, single mothers and elderly on fixed incomes from being able to defend themselves. That would have just been crazy. Good job you leftist lunatics. (-/sarc)
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41 - 47 of 47 Posts