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New required training class

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Opinions and/or suggestions for required training classes for CCW ? Don’t want to break the bank either, honestly don’t feel we need to jump through yet another hoop.
Thanks, Phil…
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@Michael Cohen I have been licensed since 2014 by Nassau County. I am a certified NRA range officer as well. I do not, by any means consider myself a firearms expert. Proficient in the safe handling and good at range time, yes. I am looking to further my knowledge and experience. I am not folding to the ridiculous mandates imposed by our so called “powers that be”.
If you already have experience with firearms I second RSL's recommend of Guardian Security https://gstny.com/mec-category/nys-conceal-carry-training/ Their owner and primary instructor Matt Seifer is very knowledgeable and engaging, and I found his course to be a useful and thought-provoking experience. Note that if you are not experienced already with firearms, this class will not be suitable by itself as they expect students to have experience and their content AND range qualification have higher expectations that the NYS curriculum. They will then charge you for additional pre-requisite training which I am sure is well delivered as well.
@Gary_Hungerford Thank you.
I expect that this training/testing/proficiency requirement will bite the dust, via SCOTUS. The issue of education/testing/proficiency has shot down, in Katzenbach v. Morgan (384 U.S. 641 [1966]), when mostly Southern states tried to require passing a written test, to vote, as a way of eliminating those whom they didn't want to vote. The standard, for any one Constitutionally-protected right, is the same, for all of them.
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