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The new Brownells CQB T-Dot features a custom reticle designed by Brownells. The T-Dot Reticle features the standard EOTech 65 MOA Circle, but with an exposed gap around the lower "T". This gap allows for an unobstructed view of Close Quarter targets, ensuring accurate shot placement at extremely close distances. The new reticle also includes the standard EOTech 1 MOA aiming points, providing accurate aiming points for long distance targets.

The custom engraved hood includes the Brownells CQB T-Dot reticle on the top, as well as a notation of adjustments on the side. Next to the windage and elevation turrets, Brownells has engraved "1/2 MOA per Click", ensuring that you always know what adjustments you are making.

Based on the EOTech EXPS2, the CQB T-Dot retains all of the features of this optic. The CQB T-Dot attaches to Mil-Std Picatinny rails with a quick detach lever, which allows for a repeatable zero. Power is provided by one 123 Lithium battery, easily accessed by a side cap. The optic includes a built in 7mm riser, allowing for a lower one-third co-witness.
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That's exciting news! Can't wait to not order one!
Mad Russian said:
That's exciting news! Can't wait to not order one!
:donald Me, too.
It's an interesting concept. I love EOTechs.. especially the XPS line.. but have never been a big fan of the BDC reticles on them, I just didnt get the point of BDC on a reflex optic. To each his own I guess...
Walker1847 said:
What language is that? Are they talking about the black thingy with two glass ends that you look thru to see the target better?
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