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Need a little help...

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Today My cousin handed me two guns....apparently they belonged to my uncle and they were hidden away for a long time in the attic. My uncle is no longer with us and I was asked to find out any info I can about these guns.
Things he would like to know.....Age? Value? Legality?
I will try to describe the best I can and download some pics.
Gun #1:
Derringer: Italy .22 LR - serial #5419 / Markings "PSF" XVll (brass / gold) finish

Gun #2
H&R Arms: Young America Safety Hammer cal ? - 1 1/2" octangle barrel - serial #6260 (silver) finish
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My friend:
The first thing you need to do is comply with Section 265.20.1 of the NYS Penal Code, which gives you, as the estate administrator or the discoverer, 15 calendar days, after the date of discovery, to turn them in, to the local licensing authority. Otherwise, you are in illegal possession of handguns, a criminal act.
Second, value is something very difficult to determine, without physical examination. What looks good, on the outside, may be worn out, on the inside and vice-versa.
PM me, if you have any delicate questions.
Ok, first off do you have a Pistol License???

If not, IMMEDIATELY go apply, there is a space to list guns you have to be put on your license - PD will require they get stored with them until your license is issued.

You will need the executor of your uncle's estate to help with paperwork... You didn't say what county you are in, but Suffolk has the Pistol License handbook available for download and in there it spells out the process...

Keep in mind, that posession without a license will get you in DEEP trouble - do NOT leave the house with them - do NOT take them to the police HQ unless and until they tell you to bring them in. (if you just walk in and say "I found these..." they'll be taken and gone).

As long as you can get paperwork from the estate saying they were his, and now are being passed to you, you should have no problem.

Let us know how it goes! ... I've got one to do myself, from my great aunt, but we haven't found it yet. (we know she had a gun, just not where she kept it)
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OK - thank you for your replys. One of the reasons I posted these guns was to make sure I wasnt doing anything illegal - I applied for my permit in april and was interviewed a few weeks ago...so now Im waiting. I will go to HQ on monday without the guns and proceed from there. Hopefully it will be as simple as filling some paperwork and allowing them to hold onto them until they are returned following my lic approval.

As far as value...I know very little about antique firearms - I was curious to know - are these "common" examples or perhaps "rare" ones that might be valuble? Im not looking for a appraisal.
I believe your derringer was manufactured by a company called EIG. It was a low end, inexpensive item, which is no longer produced or allowed into this country. GCA '68 prohibited its further importation.
The H&R revolver was discontinued, sometime in the early 1940s, although manufacturing started sometime in the 1880s. H&R made about 1.5 million of them. They were designed as everyday "pocket" guns, again not high end. That's why the hammers were "bobbed." Their value lies mostly in the sentimental value, to the current owners.
Did you make an appointment, with the PD, to turn them in? You don't mention that. You must do that, ASAP.
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