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So I found a Swedish Lahti M40, traded a couple of safe queens and got a very good deal. It is an absolute tack driver....at 12 yards it puts seven in one modest sized hole. I love that gun.

But my son was shooting it a while ago (115 gr. fmj, nothing special or powerful) and shooting it a lot better than me (he's a Marine vet) and all of a sudden the slide/bolt locked solid. I couldn't get it to move...and couldn't figure it out.

My gunsmith had it a month and he tried everything....and still can't the bolt retracted....it's on there solid. It moves back an forth a bit, but won't lock back or go into full battery.

Now what do I do?

I've got another, more experienced smith, I will take it to but I'm wondering if anyone has a reference to someone who specializes in these beauties. I've got a modest amount tied up in it and I like shooting it too much to make it a wall hanger.

I live in Western Washington, but there's always FedEx.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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