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Circle colors:
Purple - Beretta 92 9mm
Black - Ruger SR-22 Autoloading Rifle
Blue - Browning Buck Mark 22

I have a tough time with the Ruger's iron sights since I needed to line up the front sight with the rear peephole. The grouping of these shots ended up too low. The Browning Buck Mark 22 was a breeze to shoot for a first pistol and all my shots were in the black circle but no bullseyes though. The Beretta 92 was tougher to use. I don't quite know why but my shots had pretty poor grouping compared to the Browning. However, it was more enjoyable to shoot and really packed a bit of a punch compared to the Browning.

I think I might just be hooked on firearms now.

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Nice shooting! Welcome to the world of firearms. I'm guessing that the beretta was tougher to shoot smaller groups compared to the Browning because of the caliber difference, practice.

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Good start, it gets easier.

A .22 autoloader pistol is a great way to get started in pistol shooting Harder to pick up bad habits with a nice .22, and its cheaper so you'll shoot more.

If you like guns and shooting join the NRA, register to vote and post on here often.
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