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I am working on my first folding knife, it is a friction folder which is the simplest of all folding knifes (so they say) it was a challenge to say the least which I liked. Other than my first fixed blade, this knife has been quite a bit of fun so far. This one will be for myself to use and abuse.
I am still waiting for some parts to finish it up and I still have to sand and polish. But at this point, I am pleased with the progress. (2) things I don't like, the shape of the tang, I thought it was a good idea at the time I have an idea to fix that. And the blade I would like to sit about 5mm deeper in the handle, nothing a little filing won't fix.

1084 steel, hollow ground, black micarta scales.

I also have a really cool fixed blade new design I have been working on which should be done in a few days I think it will be well received


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