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mini 14 scope recommendation

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Hi,iam looking for a silver scope for my mini 14 any advice would be good thanks
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SordidSlayer said:
That thing is sharp looking
I assume you have a stainless steel Ranch with the synthetic stock. I had the same scope, but in black, on my stainless steel synthetic Ranch. I was going to get it in silver to match the stainless but the finish on the silver scope just looks a little cheesy to me. It doesn't really look like stainless steel. So instead, the black matches the stock. ;D

Although, I should have gotten some black rings from Ruger, and I may still. They would look better with the black scope. It's all just personal preference, though. That's an excellent scope for the price and perfect for the Mini.
the 3-9x50 silver on my Savage:

Don't forget silver scope rings- I got mine from Uncle Mike's
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I go black with my S/S guns I like the look with S/S base and black rings ........ go get a Burris fullfield 2 its sweet or a Nikon as my second choice
Nikon P-223 or M-223 w/BDC can't go wrong with these optics for a Mini-14. These scopes are deigned for the .223 round and the 5.56 round.

ive got a leupold 3x9 that serves my mini well.
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