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I have a Marlin 99 M1. It's 38 years old. It's my first gun. My oldest brother bought it for me. It has less than 200 rounds through it.

From being stored and moved from time to time, the stock got dinged and marked up, there's a screw missing on the trigger and one of the screws holding on the fore end is kind of mangled.

It shoots .22LR.

I'd like to get the gun back into shape to shoot again. My daughter is 12 and I'd like to introduce her to shooting and I thought this would be perfect to get her going and pass it on eventually to her.

Any suggestions? Do I just refinish the wood stock. Go synthetic? I think I get parts for it at Brownell's or some other web sites, so that's not an issue, I think. Thanks for any advice or suggestions you have!
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